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AutoCAD 2020 23.1 Full Version [Mac/Win]

After AutoCAD was introduced, most other CAD programs changed their development and marketing to focus on ease of use and graphical capabilities. CAD programs continued to be developed as standalone products and eventually began using object-based graphics and the visual programming languages, which are extensions of traditional programming languages. The first CAD program to use object-based graphics was 3D Studio, introduced in 1993. Today, object-based CAD programs like Catia, NX, SolidWorks, and Siemens NX are used widely in the construction, automotive, and other industries.

Since the first release of AutoCAD, a number of hardware and software innovations have occurred. Many improvements in AutoCAD hardware and software have been driven by advancements in electronic technology.

History of AutoCAD [ edit ]

AutoCAD was originally marketed as a drafting application for use in the office on computers with internal graphics. To allow operators to work from a variety of sites, a version of AutoCAD was released as a desktop app on Apple II, DOS, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms. The first release of AutoCAD for Apple II was in December 1982. The final version of AutoCAD for Apple II was released in December 1986, after which the Apple II platform was discontinued. AutoCAD for the Apple II was replaced by AutoCAD for Windows, introduced in February 1987. In late 1987, CAD Manager, a standalone app that ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, was introduced. CAD Manager was discontinued in October 1995.

The development and marketing of AutoCAD were both complicated, but at the same time the market for AutoCAD was growing. Originally, AutoCAD used its own proprietary graphics technology called liteCAD, which was later replaced by APLite. In 1994, AutoCAD switched to a graphics technology, PostScript, and APLite was discontinued. In 1995, the legacy image-based technology, Digital Imaging Toolkit (DIT), was replaced by the more comprehensive object-based technology, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

The original goal of the developer, Paul McPherson, was to make AutoCAD easier to use, and this goal remained in place. After learning some of the limitations of the current text-based drafting tools and seeing the potential of object-based graphics, he proposed the creation of a graphical drafting program that used these technologies. This graphical software would be created by merging the techniques of user interface designers with Auto

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 Crack+ Keygen Full Version

AutoCAD 2002
In October 1999, AutoCAD and partner Dassault Systèmes launched AutoCAD 2002 for Windows and Mac OS X. AutoCAD’s native file format, DXF, was introduced. AutoCAD 2002 had a new drawing experience based on a drawing outline, and 3D creation, placing, and altering tools.

AutoCAD’s first true 3D product was AutoCAD 2003, introduced in 2001. The product introduced a new native 3D format (X3D) and a transition to the Open CASCADE project format (from PostScript) for importing and exporting 3D models. AutoCAD 2003 introduced vector-based drawing and modeling tools, connected families, constraints, alignment, and registration.

AutoCAD 2010
In September 2009, AutoCAD launched AutoCAD 2010 and brought a new drawing experience and improved precision. AutoCAD 2010 introduced a new native DXF format and revised drawing experience with different user interfaces for different users and viewing options. The new version introduced the Relink, Display, Style and Guide features.

AutoCAD 2011
In September 2010, AutoCAD 2011 was released, and brought user interface improvements, a new native DXF format, and the Revit API. Revit is a software product from Autodesk which integrates with AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2012
In September 2011, AutoCAD 2012 was released. AutoCAD 2012 introduced a new drawing experience.

AutoCAD 2014
In September 2012, AutoCAD 2014 was released. AutoCAD 2014 introduced new user interface, new features, new objects, and new features.

AutoCAD 2016
In September 2015, AutoCAD 2016 was released. AutoCAD 2016 introduced new user interface, new features, and new objects. It also included a new mechanism to save AutoCAD drawings in native format with RetainSubobject information. In May 2016, Autodesk announced that the AutoCAD 2016 product would not be updated as of May 2016. In September 2016 Autodesk announced AutoCAD 2017.

AutoCAD 2017

In September 2016 Autodesk released AutoCAD 2017. It introduced a new user interface, new features, and new objects. It included a new mechanism to save AutoCAD drawings in native format with RetainSubobject information. It also introduced a new AutoLISP Language which had a number of improvements.

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 [Mac/Win]

## Autocad 2010:

What’s New In?

The Align tool in AutoCAD continues to evolve. Here’s what’s new in the Align tool with AutoCAD 2023. (video: 1:35 min.)

Marking and linking in AutoCAD continues to evolve. Here’s what’s new in the Marking tool with AutoCAD 2023. (video: 1:12 min.)

When you create a model in object-based applications, you can assign dimensions and other properties to objects at the same time. With AutoCAD, you can now create models that have properties. (video: 1:55 min.)

Now you can directly import files from other CAD programs, such as Revit and SolidWorks, into AutoCAD for editing. And more CAD programs are adding support for import in their applications. (video: 1:27 min.)


There are now areas to scale and rotate the view to present multiple views of the same area of the drawing, within the same view. You can select any view from the list to see an area of your drawing in 3D. (video: 2:22 min.)

New report functions in the Analyze window include the ability to filter by area and time-frame. (video: 2:14 min.)

The Analyze window now has a toolbar to show functions on an as-you-type basis. The window also now can be placed side-by-side with the command line, and can be maximized to fill the entire screen. (video: 2:12 min.)

You can now import DWG files to the drawing area and bring them into scale and rotation mode. You can also import PDFs and print them to the drawing area. (video: 1:12 min.)


An improved chart filter has new features including Show and Hide in a Chart so that you can easily toggle on and off the features you want. (video: 1:12 min.)

The Chart Editor now includes a List Chart command that allows you to select a list from a Chart and add values to it, as well as quickly select an option in the chart. (video: 2:14 min.)

The Chart Editor now includes a Scale Bar command to quickly add a vertical or horizontal scale bar to a Chart. You can also click and drag a scale bar directly onto a Chart.

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 30 MB
VGA Card: DirectX 11 compatible graphic card
Accelerated graphics
How To Install:
Before installation do backup your original files.
Note: Data loss might occur when you follow this guide.
Step 1: Download the game.
Step 2: Extract the downloaded content to the desktop.
Step 3: Run the game.
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