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The original soundtrack is available as a 3xCD set (CD1 Music from the Game, CD2 Music from the Original Soundtrack, CD3 Slant of sound).
The game takes place in a village on a cluster of ice floes off the coast of an Arctic island. The village must be inhabited by the characters before the ice free flow of the Arctic Ocean drives the village into the sea.
The game scenario is about 2-3 hours long. The characters will take 3-4 years to reach their Spirits world.
Music Tracks:
CD 1: Movement from Home Village to Travel to an Spirits world
CD 2: Movement from Spirits world to Home Village
CD 3: Movement from Home Village to Spirits world (Slant of sound)
The original soundtrack by Anvar Hazgaleev was originally released by Bits of Action as part of the game presskit.
The packaging, when including the original soundtrack with the CD1/CD2 were sold with the error ‘OST’ (Original Soundtrack) rather then ‘OST’ (Original Soundtrack with original item you get, for example, subtitles or sometimes – as in this case – also a CD).
The reason for this error are unclear, but since both are technically part of the presskit, they should be correct.
Because of this error, probably not all those who got the game from the presskit received the original soundtrack.
Player Responses
We have reported this error on the Bits of Action webpage. So in the next updates, also the original soundtrack will appear correct.
For those who got it by any other method, the OST is included in our additional content download sections.
For those who want to download the OST you have to purchase additional content.
If you already got it, you will find it on the original CD that came with the game.

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Owning the original soundtrack is really nice, as we know and love the ambient music and instrumentation.After Meat, There’s Pie

After Meat, There’s Pie is a 2007 American independent comedy film written and directed by Josh Karp. The film follows an unlikely group of college roommates as they deal with the aftermath of their graduation.

Matt (Andrew Healy) is a single, 30-something, Jewish man who is still living in


Boot Hill Blaster Features Key:

  • collection of ramps and other objects where players land.
  • close attention to details such as boxes, chairs, lamps, etc.
  • collect unique elements such as pieces of paper, keys, locks, and more.
  • made in new Game Maker Studio 3D engine.
  • over 30 minutes of video demo showcasing a wide variety of game play.
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    GaijinPotato demo version for Graphic War

    Graphic War Game Key features:

    • action/action RPG set in a vivid fantasy world.
    • massive army army of hundreds of tiny but vital units.
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    From the team behind the award-winning XCOM, the follow-up to the classic XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 challenges players to once again assemble a crack squad of elite soldiers and prepare to encounter an even more insidious alien threat than the one from the original XCOM. Set in a deeper and more dangerous setting, XCOM 2 brings the series’ trademark turn-based tactical gameplay to the forefront, delivering a deeper strategic experience than ever before.


    The year is 2118. Global events have shaped the course of the 21st century. The fate of humanity now lies in the hands of an elite few, called “the stream”, who have risen up from within the ashes of the Earth and assumed control of the United States government. They have established a powerful network of defense and counter intelligence to oversee the defence of the planet. Your role as an Agency operative is to rebuild XCOM, the secret organization that operates behind the scenes to counter the alien threat.


    Featuring turn-based tactical turn-based strategy, XCOM 2 drops you back into the action with a deep tactical layer that offers a brand new strategic experience in the series. You are now faced with a deeper alien threat, and new tactics are vital to the success of this new endeavor.

    Key Game Features:

    Teamwork and Strategy – XCOM 2 marks the return of turn-based tactics. The battle between the alien invaders and Earth’s last line of defense is being fought on both sides of the battlefield. Your team of soldiers rely on your expert strategy to prevail.

    Turn-Based Combat – Utilize resources strategically and outsmart your enemies to turn the tide of battle in your favor. At any time, turn-based combat is possible, allowing for patient players to plan each encounter, giving them the upper hand.

    Your Own World – Although the storyline is a prequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it remains a standalone experience. You may explore the world of XCOM from new and unexpected places, including the new homeland of the aliens, Agartha.

    A Deep Tactical Layer – With an emphasis on strategy and tactics, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen requires players to utilize their wits and planning skills to survive.

    New Abilities and Abilities Re-purposed – In addition to the brand-new abilities, XCOM 2 will feature the re-purposed abilities from XCOM: Enemy Unknown in order to prevent any confusion.

    Expansions included


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    If youve spent most of your adult life in the shadow of an evil and heartless man, you may begin to notice that in his endless pursuit of power, sometimes there are things he doesnt always have to justify.

    Last year, a few days after my first child was born, my wife and I found out that she was pregnant with twins. We still had no clue as to who the father of those two embryos might be, nor were we concerned, as we had been for the last several months. But then a little baby girl arrived, right on time, as all had predicted, and was handed to us with such serenity.

    Around the same time, a few miles away, a newborn boy was born to an even more lovely couple. An easy birth, indeed, and the birth itself was experienced with such grace and happiness, that the whole affair seemed very surreal, but of course, nothing is a real coincidence, and this too was prophesied by the midwife who had delivered the baby, and by nature itself.

    The wisest of these mothers, the one who delivered the twins, said to me, Do you want your children to know that they were, perhaps, more powerful, or that they were, perhaps, more valuable?

    She delivered the twins, but not before she told me that if I wanted, I could give the older child, and I remember thinking, as I was staring down at that quiet newborn face, that I wouldn’t be willing to, unless I had no choice in the matter.

    Our mother is a woman of many faces. Some day she will make her choices clear.

    Devil Or Savior?

    One of the most obvious differences between us and the world around us is that, unlike us, they are very good at telling lies. They speak lies in their heads, in their hearts, and on their phones.

    They shout the words from the roof tops, have the boldness to declare them to be true, and they carry them all through the time of their lives without a second thought. But they have one thing we have not, which is a conscience. And, in the end, that might be our only advantage.

    The influence of the Holy Spirit is immeasurable. It is not just for this world, but, in a very real sense, it is for eternity. It is the power that makes Jesus “the Light of the World.” His light illuminates every person


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