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Spring MVC + Thymeleaf: Update web page automatically using thread

So I am having a Web application which is using Spring MVC and Thymeleaf as the template engine. I am having an issue that I am trying to solve. Basically, I have a form which when it is submitted it sends data to a backend Web service which will then return a message to the client in the form of a text on the screen. The problem is that I am having trouble of course displaying that message on the screen in real-time. In order to do that I am trying to figure out if there is a way for the application to run a web service that will update the HTML page automatically every X seconds.
I was thinking to use a Thread thread = new Thread() and set the thread to run every X seconds using thread.sleep() however, since it will be using the HTML page as its source it will not be able to do that.
Does anybody have any clue how can I solve this issue? Any other solution to this would also be appreciated.


Use Timer instead of thread.sleep.
For example, a Spring Timer:
public class MyClass {

private ConfigurableBeanFactory cf;

private AtomicInteger counter = new AtomicInteger();

private String profile;

private JacksonConverter jacksonConverter;

public void init() {


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