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Let $p$ be the number of unique elements in $X$ and $n$ be the length of each $x\in X$. Then $p$ should be $10$ or $11$ if $p$ was a prime number.
We can compute an integer $k$ such that $p\mid\binom{n}{k}$ and set $w=1+\lfloor\frac{k}{p}\rfloor$. Then $w$ satisfies all the properties given.

Time course of sufficiency of mean volume change.
Various theories of space perception have attempted to account for one aspect of the disparity tuning function: sufficiency of mean depth change for distinguishing changes in binocular disparity. We make use of a neuronal size-disparity summation model that does include this aspect and compare its predictions with measured data. The model cannot simultaneously account for (1) the effects of distance and size, (2) magnitude thresholds below which disparities are not perceived, (3) the fact that the sufficiency function is strongly asymmetric, and (4) a small sufficiency of mean depth change when the mean and the peak disparities are similar (as in disparity-tuning curves). Our results show that while the amount of sufficiency of mean volume change is moderate, it is not larger than one might otherwise expect from stimulus geometry.Intranasal and subcutaneous oxycodone and fentanyl for postoperative pain management after Rhinoplasty.
Intranasal and subcutaneous oxycodone/fentanyl patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) was compared to oral oxycodone/naloxone for postoperative pain management after Rhinoplasty. Twenty-four patients were randomized into three groups to receive either intranasal oxycodone/fentanyl PCA (20 mL of oxycodone 0.1 mg/fentanyl 0.01 mg in equal volumes through a metered-dose aerosol canister); subcutaneous oxycodone/fentanyl PCA (20 mL of oxycodone 0.1 mg/fentanyl 0.01 mg in equal volumes



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