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El Magdalena was the last resting place of a galleon spotted by a Kraken and hoping to be salvaged. This salvage made the greedy pilots of El Magdalena rich. The gold and steel of the ship mysteriously disappeared, leaving only the loot of the galleon behind. Shortly after the salvage was done, the pirates began to visit the wreck to pilfer everything and anything of value, but they failed to salvage its treasure.
Soon after the two years of being lost at sea, the El Magdalena took a very bad turn, sinking on the rocks. Every crew member lost and the four survivors came to search for a new home where they can sail away. There are two new items and two new weapons to help get them out of this dire situation.
Key Features:
Immersive First Person experience with realistic locations, deep game mechanics and characters.
Five new weapons ranging from pistols to Cannons with a variety of ammo types to choose from.
Three new crew members, each with their own unique skills, fight to survive.
Two new consumables to upgrade your mercenaries.
Two new items to open locks, move around and so much more.
New Survivor Missions to keep you on your toes!
New Weapons:
Type: Pistol
Type: Rifle
Type: Shotgun
Type: Pistol (Homing)
Type: Cannon
Maximum Ammo: 25
Range: 50
Gun Shaft: 1.8
Main Mag: 14
Second Mag: 3
Damage: 8/16/24
Ammo Variety: 100
New Crew Members:
Location: 2
Type: Sapper
Main ability: Repair
Second ability: Lockpick
Maximum ammo: 5
Location: 3
Type: Sniper Rifle
Main ability: Point Blank
Second ability: Bullets
Maximum ammo: 5
Location: 4
Type: Shotgun
Main ability: Spread
Second ability: Reload
Maximum ammo: 3
Location: 5
Type: Cannon
Main ability: Area of effect
Second ability: Shell
Maximum ammo: 5
This DLC Features:
36 New Achievements
18 New Quests
2 New Zones
New Survivor Missions
New Background Music
1 New Wallpaper
Do you have what it takes to survive and continue on? Find out as you explore through El Magdalena and find out if you are up to the challenges.
Additional Info:


Dishwasher Features Key:

  • Seamlessly manga styled RPG game play
  • More than 80 skills with more than 20 upgrades
  • Explore solo or play local multiplayer through ad hoc, the internet or consoles
  • Will I love it?

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    Compendium Games

    Will I love it?

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      The Do Over is a remake of “Hayabusa” which was released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable.
      Build your own Hayabusa costume in full detail with more than 4,000 parts!
      1. Traditional Wig Edition
      2. Default Edition
      3. Easy Lady Edition
      4. Beauty Edition

      Use a special dress effect to enhance the costumes.
      1. European Hat
      2. Gentleman’s Hat
      3. Lady’s Hat

      Pick up a special accessory.
      1. Pistol
      2. Wand

      Unlock the secrets of each costume set.
      1. No costume
      2. Hayabusa’s Clothes
      3. Hayabusa’s Headgear
      4. Hayabusa’s Weapon
      5. Hayabusa’s Cape
      6. Hayabusa’s Hat

      Exchange facial expressions according to the mood.
      1. “Concentrate!”
      2. “Pretty please!”
      3. “Oh, really?”
      4. “That’s right!”
      5. “You know what, you’re a sweetheart!”
      6. “Is that so?”
      7. “Okay, okay!”
      8. “Please!”
      9. “Shopping’s a drag.”
      10. “Hey, you, stop it!”

      Create your own Hayabusa costume. You can make him into an entirely different character.
      Because this game is built for a PlayStation Portable, we have created a series of costumes that work with the device’s limitations.
      You can wear the same set of costumes throughout the entire game with no restrictions.
      There are around 4,000 parts to create your own Hayabusa, and that’s just for the headgear.
      The brand-new “Rare” skill uses Hayabusa’s collected items.

      Hayabusa, which was previously only available as a costume, can now be used as a skill.
      「I’m Hayabusa!」
      Misora, who is Hayabusa’s main heroine, will be playable in the franchise for the first time!
      Misora will be unlocked from the start of the “Do Over” and we have prepared various costumes for her as well.
      「Hayabusa Through the Eyes of a Hero!」
      「Portrait of


      How To Crack:

    • Copy the game card files to the Free Download Folder and Run it.
    • Click  /  Install
    • Play Game on PC

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    System Requirements:

    1. 8 GB RAM or above
    2. Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10
    What’s New in Version 2.0?
    • Modify view option.
    • Add the bookmarks.
    • Add the Recent Bookmark.
    You can use the…
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