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Drives Meter is a lightweight and simple gadget that shows on your desktop the used and free space on the hard drive, along with other handy information. It addresses all users who want to take better care of their computer, by monitoring their hard drive capacity.
The GUI of the widget is based on a small frame that can be moved to any position on the screen, with the help of the mouse cursor.
Aside from the total, used and free space on the hard drive, Drives Meter shows a graphical representation of the reading and writing speed evolution.
Plenty of settings can be changed from the Options menu. You can select the refresh rate, enable sound alerts, choose which local drive to keep an eye on, adjust the volume level and set repeat mode.
But you can also alter the frame size, disable the graph or change the drawing style, pick the history scale type, as well as modify the default colors for the background, title, alert icon and other fields. These are just a few of the options provided by Drives Meter.
The widget is very light on the system resources, using a minimal quantity of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time to commands, and works well, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive layout, yet rich options, Drives Meter should meet the requirements of all users, regardless of their skill level.


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– Supports x86 and x64 Windows systems.
– Supports all Windows versions from the Windows 98SE to Windows 7.
– Uses a very small quantity of resources.
– The widget is very light on the system.
– It uses no fonts.
– It works without freezing the desktop.
– It doesn’t display anything except on-screen.
– No startup icons are displayed.
– No preferences dialog is displayed.
– All the user interface is animated.
– Drives Meter Free Download gives a precise overview of hard drive status.
– The program runs quietly and uses no CPU or memory.
– It is easy to use.
– No system requirements.
– The icon type is the property of the user.
– To install Drives Meter, the user must have the.NET framework installed.
– It’s free software.
– Can be removed by means of a link in the Windows Control Panel.
– Works on all Windows systems.
– You can start the program by clicking on any link on the web.
– The installation is very easy:
1. Installation in a Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista.
2. Download and extract the zip file.
3. Copy the Drives Meter folder to C:\Drives Meter.
4. Start the setup program that you have extracted from the zip file.
5. Add Drives Meter to your Windows system.
– When it is removed, it’s possible to uninstall Drives Meter by clicking the following link: C:\Drives Meter
– Drives Meter works very well, but also has a number of drawbacks.
– The main advantage is the possibility of tracking hard drive use.
– The second big advantage is that, depending on your skill level, the widget can help you to save time by analyzing the software and hardware used on your computer.
– On the other hand, if you are a skilled user, you should consider that using the widget can take extra time to configure it.
– If you use a modern Windows system, the widget is likely to cause any problems.
– The other big problem is that, depending on your skill level, the program can be practically useless to you, since it displays only a small part of your entire hard drive.
– The widget is mostly useful if you want to use it occasionally, or if you need a tool to help you monitor your hard drive capacity.
– In other words, if you

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A simple and lightweight device that shows the total, used and free space on the hard drive, along with the reading and writing speed.

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Drives Meter For PC

Description – Full Pack (4.0)

Information about the size and used of your hard drive and or CD drive.

Memory Usage – (D:D)

Information about how much memory is used by your hard drive or CD drive (MB, KB, etc.).

HDD Usage – (D:D)

Information about how much space your hard drive is using (MB, KB, etc.).

CD Usage – (C:C)

Information about how much space is used by your CD drive.

CD Free – (C:C)

Information about how much free space you have on your CD.

HD Free – (H:H)

Information about how much free space you have on your hard drive.

Optimal Speed – (R:R)

Information about the ideal reading speed.

Optimal Speed – (I:I)

Information about the ideal writing speed.

Storage drive status – (D:D)

Information about the status of your hard drive (read/write, ready/in use).

Storage drive transfer rate – (R:R)

Information about the read/write transfer rate of your hard drive.

Storage drive read/write rate – (R:R)

Information about the read/write transfer rate of your CD.

Storage drive read/write rate – (R:R)

Information about the read/write transfer rate of your HDD.

S.M.A.R.T. Status – (H:H)

Information about the self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.) of your hard drive.

Local Drive Usage – (D:D)

Information about how much space is used by your local drive.

Local Drive Free – (D:D)

Information about how much free space is used by your local drive.

Local Drive Active – (D:D)

Information about the status of your local drive (read/write, ready/in use).

Local Drive Active – (D:D)

Information about the status of your local drive (read/write, ready/in use).

Startup Time – (C:C)

Time until the computer is running (seconds or Minutes).

Context Menu Key – (M:

What’s New in the?

For the computer users who want to monitor the hard drive usage, or for those who want to keep an eye on the transfer speed, and keep it aligned with the rest of the system, Drives Meter is the one choice.
If you want to know about 1gb of data, Drives Meter could be the best choice.
Why has Dikwart written this?
All the current widgets are too fancy for my taste. They have too many settings to remember and they offer too little data. I wanted to create a real desktop widget with a simple and neat interface, that would give all the data in a nice and clean graph.
The Drives Meter is especially for the hard drive users, so it just shows an extra info about that drive. Since it has to take care about that drive, it has its own space on the hard drive. The other widgets have the same space.
What is a widget?
A widget is a small device made from the current application to the desktop environment. The current widgets on Windows include the Volume Manager, Date & Time, the desktop clock, the Network and Wireless Connection status, the Notification Area and more.
The widget provides a convenient way to get some extra information for your desktop.
So I write the widget in Python, because I like to do it and I like to see the language powerful.
Drives Meter Features:
-Simple and easy to use;
-Small footprint;
-Responsive and stable;
-Works with most Widget Windows in Windows 2000/XP/Vista;
-Show the current used/free space on the hard drive;
-Show the current reading speed and transfer speed;
-Precise: One space of the hard drive is equal to one space of the widget;
-Solve the problem of the similar data for Widget Auto Send;
-Works with most applications;
-Can be dragged around the desktop;
-Can be put inside any available desktop space;
-Can be resized;
-Works with most color or monochrome themes;
-Supports the icon (by default, see the frame size);
-Can be configured in a simple and easy way;
-The options can be changed with a few clicks;
What can it do?
Drive Meter has almost all the features that the other widgets can’t do. There are no similar functions to any other widget in this widget.
This widget can

System Requirements:

Please ensure you have the following before attempting to join a server:
Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Linux
You must be using an xbox controller and have admin rights to your xbox.
You must have a web browser with video enabled (like Firefox or Google Chrome)
You must have the ability to use a keyboard.
One of the following versions of Steam are installed on your computer:
Steam version 1.2.15 or higher
You can update to any newer

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