Foxconn N15235 Manual 13 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Foxconn N15235 Manual 13 !!EXCLUSIVE!!


Foxconn N15235 Manual 13

Submit a request for a different model of towers to download a PDF that contains all the information that you need to set up your new phone.

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FAQ about Desktop Towers:

Can I use a previous version of the manual for my desktop tower?

We do not have older versions available.

Is it possible to stop my tower from doing light fan and fan speed automatically cycling?

Yes. In the Universal Control Settings the Fan and Fan Speed settings can be changed.

If you have a unit that has been damaged – or where there is a fault with the tower unit – you should contact your warranty company as they will be able to advise you if they have covered it or not.

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How do I set up a call forwarding

The fan speed can be changed with the switch of the PWM fan speed
LED: Allowed to choose LED green color, white color, red color and some other cool color
This model
Box type: ABS plastic metal box

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