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Since almost anyone can own a powerful camera inside a mobile phone, pictures quickly became a pretty popular and important resource. Images are used as textures and even to represent important collection or galleries. As such, Gallerinator wants to help you design your own HTML picture galleries to include in your web projects.
Organized interface and decent file support
The application’s main window is pretty well-organized. A side navigation panel makes it easy to access the variety of areas, such as the built galleries, editor, and options menu. Whenever a region is selected, its content can be viewed in the center area, which holds dedicated functions and enough view space.
First of all, you need to create a blank gallery, which you then get to fill with pictures. Support isn’t abundant, but it allows you to process pictures under popular formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. You add them through the browse dialog, because drag and drop isn’t supported. The galleries browser makes it easy to visualize all creations.
Edit and gallery options
There’s a built-in editor you can use to quickly edit or enhance pictures. Don’t be fooled though, because advanced color tweaks and filters are not found here. Instead, you can edit simple options like rotation, flipping, and cropping. Multiple pages can be created, and you can add descriptions to each picture.
Building the gallery lets you specify a save location and a name. Note, however, that all content is removed from the destination folder without your consent, so make sure to save the new gallery in a new or empty folder. You can choose to have the gallery brought up in your default browser, which can be tweaked with some elements like page layout, borders, and more.
To end with
Bottom line is that Gallerinator isn’t really a pro choice when it comes to gallery creation applications, but it does manage to get the job properly done. File support is decent, with enough edit operations at your disposal. Just make sure to save the new project into an empty folder to prevent loss of data.


Download ★★★

Download ★★★






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Organized interface and decent file support
Easy to edit but not pro-grade
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Create and manage your own HTML images galleries.
Gallerinator Download Screenshot

MyUSB-X1 is a simple and affordable USB enclosure featuring great port density and cabled displays, saving you the need to purchase an additional DVI or DisplayPort adapter. Extensive video documentation covering your setup options.
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Display your images in a beautiful picture gallery. You can sort pictures by size, date, name, and other criteria. Create both traditional and slideshow galleries and make your visitors rave about your web project.
The ultimate tool for your next web project, Gallerinator offers direct API support and a PHP web server that can be integrated with other applications.
Developer’s response to Google Play’s description reads like this:
“Gallerinator offers an amazing way to display pictures. You can choose to display one picture, or a set of pictures (a page). Use the slider of the side menu to view pictures in a slide show.
You can also choose to display pictures in a traditional HTML way. You have direct API support to retrieve your picture data. You can customize properties (size, color, background, border, etc…) directly from the admin page.
In addition to this, Gallerinator supports multiple pages. You can add title to each picture, as well as descriptions.
You can save your gallery as a.htm or.html file, to upload it in your server.”

The tool has been in the market for a while now, but few people really take notice to its simple and sometimes unbeatable functionality. There are few things that make Gallerinator so well suited for various purposes.
For starters, the program sports a simple and elegant interface that allows you to design your own picture galleries. No matter what you might like to customize, the interface makes this really easy to do.
Images can be either horizontal or vertical, added to different lists, and rearranged. There’s also a lot of options for picture controls that make it possible to change background color and apply different transformations like shrink, rotate, flip and more. You can even choose whether the picture should be displayed alone or in a slideshow mode.
Another great feature that the program includes is the typical gallery sorting options. For example, you can order pictures by title, date, or even file size, if you want. And when it comes to navigation, you can easily browse through the pictures with a simple click.
Along with multiple gallery page options, the program has an editor that can be used to add detailed image descriptions. You can also choose to have individual pictures edited or removed.
The web hosting feature is quite simple, but it works well as long as your pictures are saved in the formats supported by the website creation app (JPG, PNG, and GIF).
Anyway, you also

What’s New in the Gallerinator?

Gallerinator is a standalone app that lets you create HTML galleries with images in it. The interface is pretty well-organized and easy-to-use. Multiple pages can be created and…

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Key features
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* Display the phone model clearly
* Use PC as a filter to identify “black box”
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* Capture mobile screen / mobile phone call automatically
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* Capture mobile screen / phone call automatically
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* Detect the calling party
* Detect the duration of the phone conversation
* Detect the caller name
* Record the name of the calling party
* Detect whether the phone is a dual
* Detect whether the phone has a camera
* Detect whether the phone has memory
* Detect whether the phone has a GPS
* Detect whether the phone has a thermometer
* Detect whether the phone has a flashlight
* Support Windows
* Support both 32bit and 64bit
* Support English
* Support more than 16 languages
* Support more than 10 types of mobiles

System Requirements For Gallerinator:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
1 GHz Processor
1024×768 Screen Resolution
DirectX 8.0
Microsoft Silverlight Player (Required)
Network (Internet connection required)
Install Notes:
This program includes the demo version of the game. Please activate the full version by purchasing this application. The full version includes the same features as the demo version, but it also includes the English and Japanese voices.
Please contact

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