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Gora Hindi Novel Pdf

the principal cause of the fall of the english was the fear of greaterindependence. gora reminds the reader that it was the destruction of thebrahmo samaj by the atrocities of the british during the indian mutinywhich resulted in this fear. it will be seen that gora brings the british to shame for being better humanitarians. he argues that the english are better at serving the poor andadvocating human rights. but what he sees in them is their hypocrisy, whichis revealed in the way they have treated the brahmos. further, he asks: are thebritish really willing to make india free at last? if they are, theyhave a duty to do it; and if they are not, they have no right to maketheir children fight for a principle against which they themselves won’take a stand. the irish leaders are also blamed for having irish depredations and having caused england much inconvenience in india.

gandhi in the meantime was also a disciple of narayananand swami, another noted atheist of that period, and an admirer of vivekanand. even before starting to love gora, gandhi had a hunch that this young man could be atleast a good listener, and that he could contribute something if an oppurtunity occurred. so, he was aware that this young man was deeply interested in him. he was intensely preoccupied with the things of god, such as truth, life and salvation. and he was willing to share with gandhi, who had experienced some moments of personal crisis, the noble doctrines which he had studied. this young man was guided by gandhians writings and doctrines. and it was surprising that gandhiji could not see in this young man a true follower, since he was not only a seeker of truth, but was also devoted to social reform and a bearer of ideals of freedom and a friend to the weak. what can be more gratifying than this?

but the point about acceptability is moot; perhaps gandhi did not accept gora into his intimate circle of the faithful. but he engaged with him in a conversation; that was an act of publicness, an inclusiveness underlining a willingness to listen to, not accommodate in an expression of tolerance that is often no more than contempt, rejection, dressed up as condescension, gandhi exercises a judgement here; he accepts goras authenticity, recognizes the unity of the inner self with the public cause that gora exemplifies; to that extent gandhi would have found in gora a kindred soul, a spiritual comrade who perhaps had understood the meaning of swarajya even if he was an atheist.
gandhiis publicness; he embodies the public space where the publicness of the political unlike political power is accessible to all;he is an open invitation to debate, converse. accomodation is not submission to the other but the ability to listen, to hear the other.who does not know the publicness of gandhis experiments with truth, his constant dialogues with nehru and others on the nature of the nation, statehood, his dialogues, acerbic at times with b.r. ambedkar gandhi is publicness and what can epitomize more vividly the public space he valued, encouraged and embodied than his dialogues with the atheist, gora that was gandhis unique contribution to the political as different from politics and powerthe inclusiveness of the political as a radically distinct world view from the exercise of political power that pivots on exclusion.
dancing women: choreographing corporeal histories of hindi cinema. usha iyer oup. october 2020. 286 pages an ambitious study of two of south asias most popular cultural forms cinema and dance historicizes and theorizes the material and cultural production of film dance, a staple attraction of popular hindi cinema. it explores how the dynamic figurations of the body wrought by cinematic dance forms from the 1930s to the 1990s produce unique constructions of gender, sexuality, stardom, and spectacle.



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