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The success of the first game was proof enough that the two-dimensional platformer style, instantly recognizable by its distinct 90’s soundtrack and happy/death mashup of gameplay types was a genre that people were still obsessed with, but as far as most traditional Mega Man and Defender of the Crown fans were concerned, that was their cue to move on. With Dunos II, however, that all changes; while still staying true to the game’s strong reputation for its gameplay – and due to it’s new focus on the sideways scrolly style – the game feels like a throwback to the games of yesteryear, while still maintaining the core aspects that made it so loved and well received in the first place.
“with it’s accessible play-ability and cheerful cartoony visuals it can be a lot of fun if you are looking to forget your troubles for a bit.”
9.5/10 – Game Over Online
“It’s just a blast to play, and the difficulty feels perfect. The maps that go beyond levels are both a blast to see and a blast to play through.”
88/100 – Attack Droid
“It’s incredible to see a game this unapologetically retro that appears almost effortless to play.”
89/100 – HN Tech
“It really gives that true Mega-Man feel without trying to be like the Mega-Man series or to take itself too seriously.”
9/10 – Ahoy-USA
“The game is really fun and enjoyable.”
9/10 – Doujin Game Online
“It looks like great fanart”
“If you’re looking for a bite-sized game that is fun and has this kind of retro vibe, check out this game.”
9/10 – Splash Damage Blog
“[It’s] a game that can still stand up to modern standards of gaming.”
Mega Man: Andro Dunos II Download PC Game Free Full Version

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Mega Man: Andro Dunos II Game

MetaCritic User Rating: 5.2/10 (7 votes)


Published 04/01/18


Amori Entertainment


Other Sports


Mega Man: Andro Dunos II is free to download


Features Key:

  • Play a single player or share game with up to 3 on 4 screen at same time (RTS multi-player)
  • Controls on your keyboard or gamepad
  • 8 Levels of Game play
  • Endless Level continuos
  • Bring back evil into the Portal game franchise

    • Local Multiplayer Servers
    • Node.js based
    • Multiplayer game server is working on 100+ Peers
    • Client side game must be Fullscreen


    • Keyboard and Gamepad Controls
    • 8 Levels with different Game play types
    • Single or Multi-player Game play
    • Endless Level


    • Pre-order now @ $14.99 ( $19.99 w/EV discount ) to get FREE UPDATE
    • Buy from zzgames.com Full game 4 Day Early Access to see 1st Portarius game for test
    • Full Game Full release @ $14.99
    • MAX CBRK BLOODED BLUES Theme for $4.99 promo]]>
      Sat, 14 Sep 2017 11:55:55 +0000

      Games for test: Portal Journey: Portarius

      Platform: PC

      • Steam Game
      • 100+ Multiplayer Peers
      • Endless Level


      Game Play:

      • Levels with 8 gameplay styles

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          YAML-LEGACY parsing failed. A mix of old/new features in your configuration?

          These days, adding new configs (YAML files) fails like this:
          dependabot@deepstack-wed_aservice:~/rt_servers$ msg file -i cc
          Error parsing YAML: mapping values are not allowed here
          …some YAML code…

          dependabot@deepstack-wed_aservice:~/rt_servers$ heroku config:add cc.rb
          Error parsing YAML: bad input at line 1, column 0

          When I run some of my old configs, they work ok, even though they do include some old YAML features:
          dependabot@deepstack-wed_aservice:~/rt_servers$ cat no-checkouts.rb
          – cc
          dependabot@deepstack-wed_aservice:~/rt_servers$ msg file -i no-checkouts.rb
          Error parsing YAML: unknown mapper’relay-device-api/deps’
          dependabot@deepstack-wed_aservice:~/rt_servers$ heroku config:add no-checkouts.rb
          Error parsing YAML: unknown mapper’relay-device-api/deps’

          I’m a bit confused because the warning seems similar to where I’m getting the parsing error. What does this “mapping values are not allowed here” error really mean?


          I think the parsing error is telling you exactly what it is trying to tell you.
          Whatever objects get created from those files, which contains those mappings, they’re not valid YAML.
          So you can ignore the error – or remove the YAML mappings until the code is OK.

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          If the HME was a jousting tournament with only you and your bot, would your bot be the best?
          Strap yourself into the cockpit of your very own Hookbot and try to ascend the scoreshelf, or fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
          Your bot is an original 2D character with movement by holding down the left stick, and with a real-time physics engine governing how your bot interacts with the world around you.
          Start each level as you are “Defeated” and begin again as the “Elite” version of your bot, with upgraded weapons, abilities and gaudy adornments.
          Can you be the best Hookbot in town?
          – Stylish 3D environments to explore and build in.
          – Original Hookbot characters with movement and an original physics engine.
          – Real time combat scoring, Leaderboards and Consecutive wins.
          – Surrounding environments randomly generated each time you play.
          – 30 unique weapon types ranging from basic melee weapons to fireworks!
          – 15 unique ability types, including the ability to slow or stop time.
          – 12 unique fighting stages – each with its own theme, goals, and abilities.
          – Choose from a number of different bots to take on the competition, including Chibi-robots and crazy Jack-in-the-boxes
          – An in-game store with items to unlock and power-ups to purchase.
          – Compete against your friends in local and online Multiplayer.
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          – Steam Achievements.
          – Requirements:
          Minimum system requirements:
          OS: Windows 7 or later.
          Processor: i5 or i7
          Memory: 8GB
          Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7950 equivalent or higher
          DirectX: Version 11
          Storage: 3.5 GB available space
          Minimum recommended system requirements:
          OS: Windows 10
          Processor: i7
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          Recommended system requirements:
          OS: Windows 10
          Processor: i7
          Memory: 16GB
          Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070/AMD Radeon™ RX 480 equivalent or higher
          DirectX: Version 11


          How To Crack Kamifuda:

        • Open folder Games\Laser Paddles
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        • In the folder Crack Games\Laser Paddles, delete the crack files : glue.LPP or glue.lpp.README
        • Run the game

        How To Use:

        • Have fun 🙂


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