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You will also need to consider your strategy for marketing your restaurant. You will also need to be able to come up with simple and effective campaign strategies. Take time in marketing your restaurant. Conducting extensive research on the restaurant that you are planning to operate will help you in the long run. Your strategy should cover all the operations that you intend to conduct. This will help you in the long run.

Make sure that you keep learning from your competitors. The competition is the same for all the restaurants that will operate in your city or locality. This is why you will need to work harder in order for you to succeed. You will also need to conduct interviews with your potential partners. This will help you to know more about them. Learn more about the business if you want to make the right decision. This is one of the best ways of knowing more about this kind of business.

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Borzage (, ) is a coastal village located in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, in the municipality of Mala Kapela.


From the period of Byzantine rule in the 9th century, the region of Borzage was gradually conquered by the Byzantines and the principality of the Byzantine Empire, which lasted until the 14th century.

In the 14th century, Kingdom of Bosnia was conquered by Ottoman Empire. In the Ottoman period, the Borzage was part of the Piva Reka Sanjak.

The Franciscan State Priory of Zvornik was established in the village in 1336, but it was closed in 1539, so it was never built.

According to Italian historian Francesco Fulcheri, in 1345 Borzage was part of the Kingdom of Bosnia.

In 1765 the area was united with the Dalmatia region and the Borzage was formed part of the Komna (Comana) sanjak.

During the Croatian War of Independence, in 1991, Borzage was part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In 1992, it was conquered by Croatia.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Borzage was a center of the political resistance movement against the Yugoslav communist regime, being part of the opposition Zagreb Commune.

During the Yugoslav wars, Borzage was a center of Croatian militia, with the commander and leader of the Borzage militia being Hrvoje Šarinić.

The peninsula of Borzage is composed of several villages: Asa, Borzage, Lubovac, Petrinja, Zavrsna, Debeli Brijeg and Borovin.

There is a football club, HNK Borzage, known for the playability of its stadium.


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