PESEdit 2013 Patch 4.0 Game

PESEdit 2013 Patch 4.0 Game


PESEdit 2013 Patch 4.0 Game

Anyway, I’m not gonna tell you how long I was playing the game. I used it to test if the problem I had is fixed or not. And it is! Even though I was using PESEDit patch, it is still in. So apparently the guy in the thread who said he had the same problem as mine is wrong and I’m the only one with this problem. PESEDit is compatible with PES 2010 and does it fine, for me. PES EDit also corrected the problem with Ronaldo and Ronaldo with Torres.

* Please do not upload the PESEdit assets you get with the patch to YouTube, PSN, Devmaster or any other online sharing service. As of patch 4.0 mesh editors will be automatically blocked by our servers in the Online Mode.
* Please do not reupload our patches. We had to pay for the rights to distribute the PESEdit mesh editors which makes it hard for us to offer updates of the patch.
* Please do not ask for permission to use our patches and textures. This would be unfair to the work we put into them. All the assets are in the public domain and you have to ask for permission to use them. This is not allowed.
* You should ask us if you have an any question or to suggest improvements. Please do not report any issues on the mesh editor or in our forum.

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hi I’m Brazilian, i have the pesedit 2011 and the game does not read the files in the “ChangeLanguage – Text.dat” file. I did a script about a month ago and the language was supported by Pesedit, but since then it seems that Pesedit has not been updated and i cannot play with the new languages that come with the new release. You know that when you use a patch, the last one used to the release is the patch you use. Now, i have PES Edit version 4.
Well done Konami!Yup, that’s what I was gonna say, PESEdit players will get a better update so I guess we all just have to accept the short term loss and wait for another patch (which will come) 😉
Yes I do play it through the manual control (although I always prefered old school KONAMI games, Konami did say that PES was getting a New engine so I wasn’t expecting it to be same as I know KONAMI games but this is not), great graphics in manual mode, and as mentioned earlier better gameplay (well, I guess it’s very much improved), but I’m afraid this one is not good for KONAMI, because let’s face it, Games BETA/PATCHS, they done alway had a way to improve the game, so far Konami failed to do that. I do agree with what you said, but I’m hoping that all the problems they pointed out will be resolved in the next patch. After all it’s only a beta… I’m not thinking that the developers couldn’t have fixed those things after a few days. Yeah I do know they have promised to keep releasing patches, maybe this one will be the last one, after all they said that there is a big plan and there is going to be more improvement for PES.. I’m just so disappointed with this beta/patch and I really wanted to play it. I’m sure it will be good for all people (me included) by end of this year, but let’s just hope that all the things they said will be achieved, and they fixed. Oh god it’s gonna be a sad day when it will come out of game, but at least we will still have a lot of patches to keep players in play until then! But still, I’m a bit skeptical because Konami is very aggressive about releasing these games during Christmas or what they called late Fall/Winter. So it’s possible that they will release it for Christmas (their waiting period) and they will rush to release it for Xmas…. hence the slight delay. Anyway, I’m gonna try it through the manual control, but again I will use it to test if the problem is gone or not. I’m gonna be a bit disappointed if I won’t know the problem is fixed before I had to remove PESEDIT patch and revert back to classic PES 2008 BETA ROM.

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