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Phbot Crack 2012 Presidential Election

For once this might be the right time to be a conservative. The Republicans have just nominated one of the guys who has been making huge gains among independents. The Democrats, however, are looking to make a similar move, now that rightwing populist talk show host Pat Robertson is a choice for Vice Presidential nominee.

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With the 2012 election that just ended, many of us can now step back and breath a sigh of relief. With that being said, it also makes me a bit sad. I do not want to see one political party get the nomination and then fail to win the election. I think that would be a disaster for the country. There are very many thoughtful and talented people out there who have run for office, and I hope that we don’t go down that road. But that’s what many of us are hoping for. [Steve Benner]

Hillarys defeat hurt every American. But whos to say some of the voters that turned out to vote against her may have been there in 2004? Had she won this election she would have been the first woman president of the United States. John McCain was almost defeated in 2008. Obama was almost defeated in 2008. This country is now squarely in the hands of the Republicans for the next four years, and we shouldnt be happy about it. [Neil Genzlinger]


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