Portable Shock IP Changer Free Download [2022]

Portable Shock IP Changer is one of the apps aimed at users who access multiple networks with the same laptop, offering a very simple solution to change from one IP configuration to another.
Since networks may require different IP settings, Windows users have no other choice than to either input them manually or use a dedicated application to manage all profiles.
That's the purpose of Portable Shock IP Changer too, an application designed to let users create as many network profiles as they want and enable the one they need.
Of course, the program automatically detects all connected network adapters and lets users created different configuration settings for each of them.
Obviously, all data needs to be provided manually, so you first need to set up network profiles. Just input IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS servers and default printer, or simply choose DHCP if it's available, and you are done.
The main window also plays the role of a manager, showing all saved profiles, displaying all the aforementioned details in the same screen. A double-click is all you need to enable a network profile, so it's all a very straightforward process.
Additionally, Portable Shock IP Changer is fully portable, so you don't even need to install it. Just copy the files on a USB flash drive and use it wherever you go.
Overall, Portable Shock IP Changer is undoubtedly a handy product and with a few improvements in some specific key areas, it could become an important player in this software segment. For example, hotkeys to easily jump to another profile or a tray icon to do this faster could really come in handy.







Portable Shock IP Changer Free 2022

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Portable Shock IP Changer Crack With License Code [Latest 2022]

Shows the size, duration, total and unique IP address of all active network connections, including WiFi, cable modem, cellular, VPN, or dynamic IP, and time spent on each activity. All users can monitor, control and log activities performed on a particular network connection and prevent them with the “Scan Now” function. The program features options to change user interface and profile names and can be run as an administrator.

IP Creator IP Creator is a very useful application to quickly change IP settings for multiple network adapters.
I use it to instantly change the IP address of the Ethernet adapter whenever I switch to different network.
There are three versions available in IP Creator, the free, professional and the Enterprise Edition. For the latter, you can rent, lease or buy the product on-site.
IP Creator 1.0 Free version is just a basic application with very basic options.
IP Creator 2.0 Professional version is the one I’ve used for this review. With that version, you can select the IP address you want to use and for each selected adapter, you can also set DNS, gateway and enable/disable the firewall.
Additionally, you can change the interface name, icons, how many items you want to display in IP Explorer tabs and the profile name, along with options to prevent users with particular accounts from changing the settings.
For the Enterprise Edition, you can rent, lease or buy online. The Enterprise version has a lot of extra features available, including a name list where you can register any devices you want and automatically change their IP address when they connect.
Another key addition with the Enterprise version is a tab to manage the users, creating different profiles for each of them and enabling users to access the settings with a simple double-click of a network adapter.
With that version, you can also choose to have their names displayed on the network adapters interface with the help of a tray icon that appears on every app launched with IP Creator.
Of course, you can always uninstall this application and start from the Free version if you don’t need all the extra features.
For me, the main problem with IP Creator is that it only works if you have two network adapters.
IP Creator 2.0 Enterprise edition really made a huge difference for me, as I can easily switch between network adapters within a few seconds by selecting the desired one in the interface.
IP Creator 2.0 Enterprise edition is available in both professional and commercial versions. For the former, you have to sign in using

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License: Free for both commercial and not-for-profit projects based in most countries. See the source code.

Usage: include -c to change the installation folder and give you an editable install.exe

See the source code.

Readme: include -r to include the readme

Installation: include -i to give you a preview.zip file for easy unzip.

License terms: include -l to get the terms of the license.

Where to get: include -w to find the latest releases.

Portable Shock IP Changer source code

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Portable Shock IP Changer home page

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Portable Shock IP Changer API

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Portable Shock IP Changer product page

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Portable Shock IP Changer FAQ

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Portable Shock IP Changer community

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What’s New in the?

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System Requirements For Portable Shock IP Changer:

• Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
• OS X v10.10
• 2 GB RAM
• Graphics card: OpenGL 2.0 capable
• CD-Key required to play
• Internet connection
• Soundcard required to play
• Required to play
• Input configuration to play
• Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad
• Recommended to play
• DirectX 9.0c compatible
• Directx 11/12/13 compatible (not


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