The Chinese Way In Business: Secrets Of Successful Business Dealings In China Books Pdf File


The Chinese Way In Business: Secrets Of Successful Business Dealings In China Books Pdf File


China’s business sector is highly innovative and occupies a prominent position in China’s economy. China has made great strides in the past two decades in various sectors and enterprises. It has gradually.
The Chinese Way in Business: Secrets of Successful Business Dealings in China.Strategies to keep you safe when doing business with a fishmonger – helping you to become a fishmonger!

The Fishmonger’s Code is aimed at educating general public and businesses about the importance of fish safety, the responsibility of fishmongers and the importance of asking the right questions before buying fish from other people!

It is aimed at both consumer and suppliers – fishmongers and businesses should be included!

Download the PDF now and take your responsibility for safe fish handling to a new level.

This useful tool covers the relevant legislation from the FSA, health and safety procedures, where you can find out more about the inspections that are carried out on your premises, and the role of the fishmonger. There are also some useful tips on buying fish – and a great read on:

• how to cook most of the popular types of fish – from how to avoid the dreaded hake’s tail and gills, how to cook salmon and how to see if the fishmonger is trustworthy and clean.

• guides to safe usage of the most commonly used equipment in the fishmonger’s shop, such as tongs, chopping boards and baskets.

• resources and information on preventing occupational illness and injury, on handling fish securely and on maintaining a fishmonger’s shop.

This useful guide takes the Fishmonger’s Code even one step further by adding information on consumer rights. It is aimed at helping all fishmongers, including retailers, by educating consumers to ask the right questions when buying fish.

This is an exciting new publication, and will be a useful addition to your fishmonger’s shop or to anyone wishing to know more about safe fish handling, and how to avoid putting themselves or others at risk.

Many thanks to my friends at Fishmonger’s Authority for the information, advice and help involved in producing this guide.

Bryan Price

Publisher of The Fishmonger’s Code

P.S. To help you find the best fishmonger for your needs, I have written a very useful Guide to Buying Fish – where to buy fish, which types are

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