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The story of Vigil is set in a virtual prison known as Heavens. An evil entity known as the Evil is devouring the souls of life in this ruined world, resulting in a growing madness. To save themselves from the masses of throngs of souls of those who were claimed by the Evil, some people have entered a virtual prison known as Heavens, but were unable to leave. There, they have found a way to access a mysterious portal leading to another world, with whom they can interact and exchange information. The inhabitants of Heavens have developed a strange language referred to as Fach, which is used in communication with them. The game is set in the late 20th century.

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Venatio Features Key:

  • Universe of planets to explore
  • Carefree first-person exploration with the touch of a fingertip
  • Interactive asteroids strewn across hundreds of star systems
  • Charming 3D ships to command
  • Deadly Earth-like planets
  • Unique space battles with stunning graphics
  • Strategic retro-revival of classic arcade space games
  • Immediate and advanced ship and weapons balancing
  • Customize your ship, weapons and ship upgrades
  • A character stats system for in-depth starship upgrades
  • Detailed score and rank progression
  • A post-apocalyptic environment mechanic
  • A Black Market
  • Trading, crafting, resource gathering, dogfights and much more
  • Up to 3 player local multiplayer modes
  • There’s a system of levels for rank and progression.

    Players begin the game as a lowly rookie on Level 1. From there, they
    will be able to progress through the ranks. They can be promoted, or
    demoted, based on performance. All New Players start at Level 2, but will
    experience Rank Incentives once per week. Rank Incentives can vary from
    Level 2 to Level 10 for content focused players, and from Level 2 to Level
    12 for those that will play the game multiple times.

    Players can work their way up from the rusty Sidewinder to the sweeping
    Majestic with multiple exp bonuses, the addition of unmagnetized particles,
    coin-sized asteroids and high-def asteroids. The game balances itself to
    make sure every game is distinct and balanced in its own way. This includes a
    unique score system with Galatea, Galatrix, Galalith, Galaz, Tesla,
    Limaans, Squigly and all sorts of other ships and arks.


    While it’s supported, local single player was no longer being actively
    considered. We didn’


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    Melo takes the classic, legendary Synthwave sound and adds an unparalleled musical depth. No-one has ever re-created the stunning sounds of the mythical Synth, with so many vintage analogue synth voices combined into one incredibly useful, yet very user-friendly instrument.

    Key Features:
    Melon, a specially designed sequencer that allows for fantastic riffs, pads, leads, bass and synth sequences.
    Melon’s unconventional architecture adds a wealth of new potential to the sound design process.
    Multisampling for high-quality virtual instruments and effects;
    Hertz support
    20 Impressive presets and a bonus 30 user-generated presets
    Multi-touch color customization with 16 color variations
    Product Includes:
    Melon VST/AU/AA
    System Requirements:
    Mac OSX v10.8.4 or later
    Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.4GHz or faster
    Memory: 1 GB
    Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
    Copyright: All rights reserved by Sculpted Sounds

    “Melon’s sequencer is a little different from other Synthwave and Synth music sequencers (even though it’s made for the genre). Instead of pitch bars, it has a dedicated pitch scroll feature. This scroll feature allows you to instantly scroll through all the different note combinations quickly and easily. I really like this feature as it makes it very easy to create new melodies and riffs.”
    The Chemical Brothers
    “Every file is stored as an LFO, so you can dive into the sequencer and create arpeggiators that actually sound like real synth sounds.”
    The Chemical Brothers
    About This Game:
    Xanatube is the perfect music sequencer for every Genre.

    Key Features:
    Full-featured sequencer with waveform, scale and note display.
    31 different steps
    24 bars per step
    8 different tempo rates
    Scaler function for instant, perfect pitch, 16-step arpeggiation
    9 great instrument sounds
    Built-in looping feature
    A second mode enables users to import wave files and time-stretch them.
    Professional pitch-correction and other features.
    Newly recorded waveforms
    Product Includes:
    Xanatube VST/AA
    System Requirements:
    Windows XP or later
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
    Memory: 2 GB


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    Choose your loadout carefully. There are five presets: Standard (default), Easy, Normal, Hard and Insanity. Each preset offers a unique starting loadout:Standard preset:Default starting equipment, includes pistol, grenades and a knife.Easy preset:More starting equipment (ammo, shotgun) than the standard preset, and much faster to load.Normal preset:Starts with the typical loadout of the standard preset, with more starting equipment.Weapons:Keep track of all the weapons you have and use them in the right order.Switch to melee mode if a zombie is taking you out, or a boss is challenging you. An arrow will appear on your screen, indicating which weapon you should use.Slash commands can be assigned to keys.Fire Mode:Check your ammo and battery for when you use a weapon. You can pick from melee, power, fire, or throw weapons to take down your enemies.Healing Mode:Get wounded, used up some of your ammo, or the battery of your weapon to heal yourself.You can check your health at any time.Throwing weapons work the same, except you throw the item at an enemy instead of firing it.Cellular transmission:Use to call your friends to help you.Can be used to transport characters back to camp to resupply, so there’s always a way to get out.Map:Keep an eye out for terrain hazards, and find alternate routes, as it is a real-time.Switch to the map view to see where you’re going and where you’ve been.Teamwork:Take control of one of three friends and work together. This lets you unlock new weapons and ammo by using teamwork.You can also view other players’ items at any time.Loot:Pick up items while in combat, or during free time.Put the item in your inventory and pick it up later.Eat:Food provides health and more!Some items can restore health.Take care, we need you to survive!
    Are you a fan of Final Fantasy Games? (no not that one)
    Do you like horror movies?
    Do you like an apocalyptic landscape?
    Now you have the perfect game for all three of these things! This is the YRZHORROR Final Fantasy 14. My Last Beta. How’s that for a title?!
    We are not a fan of


    What’s new in Venatio:

      Alcyone: The Last City is a utopian-themed adventure game developed by Finland based Sword Art Online Alcyone, an indie studio founded in 2014 by Kenji Saito. The game, for Windows, was released on July 28, 2019. A Nintendo Switch version was released on February 12, 2020.

      In the 2300s, the affluent city of Alcyone—where the elite live a decadent life of luxury—has been decimated by mysterious attacks from the Suicide Squad. The entire city is evacuated through robocop drones, then abandoned. Observers note it looks like it is under the control of an unknown force. It is later revealed to be Genghis Khan, one of the most ruthless and corrupt leaders in history, as he confronts six new youth with their own destinies.


      The player has four main playable characters: Bobby Carver, Shiva Vali, Kristin Miskelvager, and Liara. The player is guided through the game by a narrator who gives events a more in-game explanation, guides the player’s choices and assists the player during missions.

      Players take on the role of a young person transported to Alcyone, to solve the mystery of six abandoned youths who have been brought to the abandoned city and are apparently controlled by a mysterious force. The player uses robots called AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) to solve side-quests and complete main-quests and solve puzzles.

      Main-quests and sidequests take the player to several locations, including the makeshift airport, various abandoned hospitals, two nuclear power plants, a nuke-shutdown installation, and a plant with ghosts that could only be seen by dying prisoners. Gameplay differences between AI’s and the player’s character are also utilized.

      Nuclear Suitpower and combat skills come into play later in the game, as they gradually become more available depending on how the player advances through the story.

      The game is divided into multiple chapters with a story of a different character. In chapter one, ‘Knifeleg Game Hero’, the main character is Bobby Carver, a CIA-trained assassin, in a love triangle with a famous actress. The next chapter, ‘Dream by Giant’, revolves around Shiva Vali, who lost her ability to dream after having a dangerous experiment (implanted with nano-technology) performed in her brain. A third chapter, ‘Wounded in the City’, features ice-h


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      “Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait” is an original work by KIA
      A game that uses the skins of anime characters as original material.
      It plays in the world of the anime, integrating all genres into a stylized world that only KIA could create.
      It is a game that imitates the innocence and joy of the true pictures of the reality.
      And it is also a game that lets you experience things that you can only see in anime.
      Because KIA is sure to make every step as a step that aims for a new level.

      Level 11
      The mother’s absolute love does not express itself in words.
      The mother’s absolute love does not express itself in words.
      Only the mother’s true innocent smile.
      Only the mother’s true innocent smile.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      —A portrait of the mother that her child spent hours creating.
      The mother is a model no one ever sees.
      The mother is a model no one ever sees.
      The mother is a model no one ever sees.
      —The picture he had prepared for the mother.
      The picture he had prepared for the mother.
      The picture he had prepared for the mother.
      A picture that expresses the mother’s absolute love.
      A picture that expresses the mother’s absolute love.
      The picture he had prepared for the mother.
      A picture that expresses the mother’s absolute love.
      A picture that expresses the mother’s absolute love.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      It will be viewed as most beautiful by the person who loves her.
      —The father who makes everyone happy by enjoying comics.
      It is as if the father who makes everyone happy by enjoying comics.
      It is as if the father who makes everyone happy by enjoying comics.
      It is as if the father who makes everyone happy by enjoying comics.
      It is as if the father who makes everyone happy by enjoying comics.
      —The first picture he wanted


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    System Requirements For Venatio:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.00GHz
    RAM: 4GB or higher
    Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 11 capable graphics card, GeForce GTX 950/AMD Radeon HD 7900/AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive: 15GB of available space
    Additional Notes:
    Additional Required Features:
    None – No bonus games are included with this pack.
    This is a Steam Key. No


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